Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Go Spurs!

I was ecstatic when I read on the internet a few weeks ago that the San Antonio Spurs got Richard Jefferson (the NJ Nets' 2nd all-time leading scorer who was traded to the Bucks) from the Milwaukee Bucks by trading Bruce Bowen, Kurt Thomas and Fabracio Oberto. While I was sad to see these players go because they were a good part of the Spurs' system, I was glad that they made that move because, as everyone knows, they're the oldest team in the NBA. They also signed Antonio McDyess (I remember some kids in our subdivision calling him MacJESS),one of the more consistent players in the league who was also an All-Star.

Richard Jefferson

Antonio McDyess

To top it all off, the Spurs had a draft-day steal, when they drafted DeJuan Blair (a monster of a player that was projected to be drafted in the first-round) in the second round of the draft. Teams passed up on him because of a knee injury he had when he was in High School. He said that his old injury never bothered him during his college career and hopefully, that old injury doesn't bother him during his pro career.

DeJuan Blair

The line-up looks very promising and deep to me. Obviously, the Spurs made these moves to maximize the Tim Duncan era. He's already 33 years old and he'd probably have 2-3 more good years left. With Ginobili healthy and part of the line-up, the Spurs are sure to become the top contenders for this season's championship!



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