Thursday, July 2, 2009


Is it just me? Or is life really getting more stressful nowadays. I mean I can handle stress but these days, I feel it more than the past few weeks. Its a good thing that I have my family to come home to every night. I see Sam and Sophie everytime I go home and all my stress seem to disappear . . . for a few hours.

Sam's three months old now. He can hold his hed upright and enjoys "talking" to us. He smiles, laughs and make baby sounds whenever he sees us. He's very healthy now, so healthy that his baby clothes don't fit anymore.

Sophie is as hyper as ever. She plays with Sam and loves the idea of being an ate. Sometimes I make her stand in a corner whenever (as in every night) she becomes sooo hyper that she doesn't listen to anything we say to her. Then after awhile she'd calm down and transform into a sweet litle girl again haha!

Its because of this, that I want to come home as early as possible every night after work. Imagine how homesick I was when I went out of town for work. Being out for 3-4 days in a week really took its toll on me. I missed Jan, Sophie and Sam terribly.

Now I'm back home and I glad that I am. I won't be having trips for the next few months.

I'm glad I'm home.



buzzing flowerpecker said...


home is where someone's always thinking of you--sabi ni naruto (kahit di ko sya paborito).

masaya at may home ka. :) hindi lahat nang tao meron. :)

BAM! said...

oo nga. I know I'm blessed. Sometimes lang pag stressed out ako nakakalimutna ko yung mga blesseings namin.

pero i'm really very thankful :-)

march on... said...

hey got my blog na. get ready to be depakarizzed!

BAM! said...

march on : welcome to the blogsphere! nobody depakarizzes the pakarazzi hehehe :)

*mrsMartinez* said...

awwww how sweet. we should always count our blessings. and always be thankful for them

lin said...