Wednesday, July 8, 2009

impacted impakto

It's happening again. Last year, due to the nagging pain that I felt for almost a month, I had my right impacted wisdom tooth removed. Even with the anesthesia, it was still painful. I couldn't talk for at least two days and I couldn't eat anything solid. It was torture.

Starting last week, I felt the same pain my left side where my other impacted wisdom tooth is. Its like having de ja vu. I couldn't sleep at night because of the pain, I couldn't eat, I have lots of mefenamic acid in my pocket and now, as recommended by my dentist, I'm taking amoxicillin.

I may have it removed this coming Saturday, and while I'm looking forward to finally having it removed to end the pain, I'm not looking forward to the process of taking it out. Having it removed is heavy on the pockets too.

Toothaches are always hard to deal with. Those of you who've experienced what I'm experiencing could attest to that. Its hard to think, move and do things that you normally do.

I'm even amazed that I could type right now.