Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sophie Mia!

Jan bought a DVD of the movie MAMA MIA starring Merryl Streep (who's still as gorgeous as ever), Pierce Borsnan, Amanda Seyfried (who plays a character named Sophie), and Collin Firth last Saturday. She decided to watch the movie last Monday evening while I was surprising sleepy at 9:00pm and wasn't really interested in watching anything on the boob tube. As I was trying to sleep while hearing the Abba songs in the movie, I was surprised when I saw Sophie dancing to the music!

Here are some vids:

Oh my, my baby is growing up real fast!



shengmarie said...

Babies do grow up so fast that we must always be on guard, because they sometime put you offguard!

Vayie said...

Ay ang Mamma Mia! -- favorite din yan ng 3-year old niece ko. Nung kinanta ko `nga `yung Super Trouper sa Videoke recently, sinabayan pa ako! Amazing.