Monday, February 9, 2009

kuwento lang ng konti

One week to go! Our yaya finally arrived last week and Jan and I decided to give her two weeks "training period" with her mom. I think our new yaya will do ok. I hope so. I pray so. We're scheduled to pick them up on Friday and hopefully, By next week, we can leave Sophie and our new yaya by themselves at home.

We'll be doing precautionary measures like advising our land lady that only Sophie and yaya Jennifer will be home. We're also getting a landline or a wireless landlines so that we'll be at constant communication with them. We can even ask our moms to call them once in a while to check on them.


Speaking of telephones, I went to SM North today to inquire about PLDT's Landline Plus subscription. I actually inquired over the phone this morning and I was informed that I can get a pre-paid unit at the PLDT office in SM North. Imagine my dismay when I got there and the guard told me that they're out the pre-paid sim cards and telephone units so I couldn't apply for one. I also heard that its ver difficult to get this service and people had to wait to get their phones. SUCKS!

I went to Bayantel which also had an office at SM North. There were units available but personally, I was a bit worried about their signal strength. I know some people who had those wireless landline phones that Bayantel launched last year and most of them were not that satisfied.

Still, for purposes of security when it comes to our baby, we should have a phone line at home so anyone from our family can check on them from time to time. I hope we can decide within the week.


We bought Sophie a new bed. Well, a sopha bed that she can use. She's been sleeping between Jan and me every night (when she's here) and its getting harder and harder for me to sleep because she moves a lot (meaning, she kicks me a lot). So we decided to buy her her own bed.

Jan will also use the sopha bed after she gives birth. She'll be having a c-section and it will be difficult for her to go up and down the stairs so she'll have to stay downstairs temporarily until she's strong enough to move about.

8 more weeks to go!


Lets all have a wonderful week ahead!



Fjordan Allego said...

kakatuwa naman yung baby.. pag katabi mo siya eh malikot siyang matulog.. kakainggit hahaha! parang gusto ko nang magkaanak.. gusto ko nang maging tatay! hahaha

Lord CM said...

cellphone brod ayaw mo? at least kahit nasan sila eh makokontak mo...pero syempre mas ok pa rin nga ung landline para alam mong nasa bahay nga sila...

BAM! said...

Fjordan Allego: Sarap maging tatay, 'Pre :-)

Lord CM:

Yup mas ok landline para mas mura ang tawag. Nakakuha na kami ng sim card ng PLDT Landline Plus, sa celphone namin nilagay hehe :)

♥Allysia♥ said...

◘ hey. thanks for including me in your blog galore . i've linked you too. be safe.ü ◘

BAM! said...

allysia : thanks for the visit :-)

Nobe said...

talk of busy! grrr! naalala ko na naman ang mgadapat kong gawin! kakainis no?


BAM! said...

Nobe : Thanks for visiting! Nice blogs btw :)