Thursday, February 12, 2009

busy-busyhan nanaman

Its been a busy week for me. Full of meetings and other deadlines, kay medyo di ako nakapag-blog masyado. That and the fact na sira yung internet connection namin for 3 days now. I haven't gotten a single business email today, which worries me because there might be some important messages that I have to attend to. How can a business run without the internet? Its pretty frustrating.

Anyway, tomorrow's Friday the 13th and Valentines will be on Saturday. We really don't celebrate Valentines that much. We usually spend it eating dinner somewhere. This weekend, I've nothing planned yet, although I'm thinking of buying a romantic DVD that Jan and I can watch at home.Saturday will also be my in-law's wedding anniversary so we'll be spending some time there. We're also going to Pag-Ibig fund on Saturday to renew our loan seminar. Going to Pag-Ibig on Valentines day . . . funny. No pun intended, hehe!

I'm not at all spooked about Friday the 13th. Tomorrow will just be a regular busy day. I can't believe that tomorrow's Friday already. Parang kulang kasi yung week na to for me. I'll even have a meeting at 7:30pm. Ganun ka-busy.

I'm actually enjoying it . . . a bit . . . konti lang . . . syet . . . I'm The Pakarazzi, and I'm a workaholic . . .


By the way, we already bought a PLDT Landline Plus Pre-paid sim. What's weird is, I can buy a sim card but I can't buy a phone unit. I told the customer service that I wanted to buy their cordless phone but she said that the phone was only being sold to post-paid subs. Then I said I was going to pay for it in cash, but she said they really don't sell the phone unit to pre-paid customers.

What gives? I don't see the logic why they won't sell me the phone. Gusto ko yung phone kasi para landline talaga yung dating. Delikado kasi pag sa cel nilagay baka ma-misplace or ma-laspag, especially since we're leaving the phone at home for Sophie and her yaya. Baka biglang itapon ni Sophie yun, yari! We placed the sim card in our Ericsson K750i. I'm having our old Nokia 6260 phone repaired and place the sim there.


Haaay . . . Friday na bukas!



Fjordan Allego said...

oo nga.. ang bilis ng araw at itong linggo na to ay sobrang hectic para din sa akin.. ito yung kada gabi, pagkagaling sa school at bago pumasok sa work ay panay ang reklamo ko na pagod na pagod na ako.. hayz! kaya nga masaya ako na Friday na bukas!! wohoo!!

Summer said...

grabe no? kahit ako busyhan.:D