Monday, December 8, 2008


Spending time with old friends do bring back a lot of memories. From the good to the bad. Makes you wish you had a time machine and re-live all of them. We had a good time last Saturday night, me and my buddies. We started off with a few drinks and a lot of reminiscing. We've known each other since we were like 12 or 13 years old, and I can't help but feel proud about where we are now.

See, back in the "old days", we never thought that we'd be in our current "grown up" situations. All we cared about was being together, doing stuff together, with all the laughter and tears (just like what Raymond Lauchenco sang in Bagets), basically, just hanging out. To tell you honestly, some parents in our subdivision wanted their kids to hang out with us because in spite of all the drinking and tambay that we were doing, we were considered (or perceived) to be a good bunch of kids. I remember one mom, who passed away a few years ago, talked to me personally to include her son, who was four years our junior I think, in our gimmicks (even drinking sessions) because she feels that we're a good influence to him. When most of the group were already working (circa 1999), we didn't have much time to spend with each other like we used to and unfortunately, that mom's fear became a reality. Our friend, her son, Ryan was murdered. It was a drug related murder and I can never forget her mom crying while saying to me: "Bam, patay na kaibigan mo . . .". It was painful to everyone of us.

We were also reminiscing about the good times: Gimmicks at PEPS, Padis Point Greenbelt, bowling at Coronado Lane, Arts Venue (which by the way are no longer in existence, talk about growing old) , ligawan blues, the art of introducing one's self to girls, etc, etc.. How we manged to do all these, without celfones and even beepers is way beyond me.

What hit me is that, even if we haven't been seeing each other for a long time, everything seemed like we picked up where we left off. We're still the same people, although more matured, who grew up together. Now, more stuff has been added to our kuwentuhan repertoire: kids, family, buying property, how expensive milk is, how cute and at the same time makulit our kids are, work and a lot more grown-up stuff.

Can't wait for our next inuman session. Kampai uli!



GARET said...

a mga na mi miss ko sa Pinas. ang mga friends ko. huhuhu! :(

MarcoPaolo said...

Sarap nga pag ganon dre... reminiscing... tapos may beer or empe. hehehehe

Vayie said...

Those were the days. Sabi nga sa isa sa mga fave songs ko ng Eheads: "Sa ilalim ng bilog na buwan, mga tiyan nating walang laman, ngunit kahit na walang pera ang bawat gabi'y anong saya..." - ngayon kasi, may sarili na nga tayong pera, pero parang masaya pa rin `yung time na patambay-tambay lang tayo basta kasama naman natin `yung mga barkada natin.

BAM! said...

GARET : is lang solution dyan . . . uwi na at magbakasyon! dali! hehehe


VAYIE : tama! mas masaya tambay nun. mura pa! nakakapunta kami sa mga bars na P200 lang dala hehehe pero pinkakamasarap yung kuwentuhan na may inuman at gitara. :)

Anonymous said...

sarap... haha. :)

iba taaga ang bonding kapag may beer. :)