Monday, January 17, 2011

Sophie's 4th

It was Sophie's birthday yesterday. She's four years old now. I often tell her that even though shes a  bit grown-up and will be starting school next school year, she'll always be my baby girl. I think this is true for all parents. They always think of their children, no matter how grown-up they are, to be their babies.

We celebrated her birthday at our house. We invited our parents to come over for lunch. In the afternoon, we went to the La Mesa Eco Park. I told Sophie that we'd go fishing, but we got there late at around 4:45pm (the park closes at around 5pm) so we decided to just go around. I also forgot to ask where the fishing pond was from the guard.

Sophie, Sam and their cousin Zeth enjoyed the trip. They rode a small kalesa which took them around the place once. Sophie and Sam liked looking at horses, even in pictures. When we were in Baguio, they always pointed at horses whenever they see one. Unfortunately, they didn't like riding on a horse. But riding on a kalesa is a different story. Both of them were excited to ride, as long as its no on the horse!

The children enjoyed the trip, however short it was. I plan on taking them there as often as I can.I'd like for my kids to appreciate nature. Times are changing and I foresee that as they grow older, most of the trees and other plant-life growing at the park may be gone.

Sophie has really grown. She's actually a good ate.   She plays with Sam all the time, even when Sam plays a bit rough. I think she even teaches Sam how to count from one to five! Sometimes she would tell Sam to behave or else I'll put him in the corner. She's also malambing to us, especially when she wants to ask something from us, hehe. But in all fairness, when we say no, she usually follows.

My wish for my daughter? I wish that she'll always be healthy and I also wish that she continues to be the smart and loving kid that she is.

I love you Sophie! Mommy and Sam loves you too! :)

Next Sophie milestone: First day in school.


KUMAGCOW said...

That's so cute... Naalala ko tuloy first day of school ko hehe =) pictures of ur girl would be nice! =)

BAM! said...

I'll post some pics sa susunod. Thanks for visiting :)