Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sam in School

No. We didn't enroll Sam to school this year. He's only two years old for Pete's sake! But her yaya takes him to Sophie's school once and a while. Sophie's teachers know who he is already. The first day he went there, the teachers were impressed because he knew all the animals, some numbers and letters and the colors that were displayed inside the classrooms. They were so delighted that they gave him a star. Now that's what I call and HONORARY STUDENT!

Although the teachers were saying that we should enroll him as early as now, I really don't feel that we should. Yes, he'll probably learn a thing or two in school, but I'd rather have him at home, be a kid and enjoy his childhood. He'll have lots of time in school growing up. That's also the reason why we enrolled Sophie "later" than most kids. Besides, my little girl acts as if she's grown up already, I don't want my little boy to act that way too soon.



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