Wednesday, May 26, 2010

blog uli!!

It’s been a loong while since I’ve last blogged. I still visit and read most of the ususal blogs that I visit though. It’s not that I have nothing to blog about. It’s just that, most of the time, I can’t find the time to do it.

Here’s hoping that I find more time . . .


Funny how people are getting into this whole JEJEMON thing. There are JEJEMONS and JEJEBUSTERS. Reminds me of the time when there were METALS and HIPHOPS. I don’t understand why this is a big thing. So what if they text differently? Even the DECS swore that they’ll go after Jejejmons. Wtf??



Texting in short cut was born because for most people, it could be very tedious to key in the letters of their messages, especially long messages. Some people text the number “0” rather than press their keypad four times for the letter “O” Text messages can only accommodate as certain number of characters (160 w/ space, I think) and if you text more than that, you’ll be sending the message in two parts. Sending one message in two parts could be very expensive.

Php 2 per message? R U CRZY?

And now we have the JEJEMONS an offspring of the short cut text, born out of the necessity to save money on SMS messaging.

Incidentally, rock music, METAL music’s father, came from blues, the music of the African slaves in America during the 1800’s. Blues became rock and roll, jazz and R&B, and somewhere along the way, it became HIPHOP.
Hindi kaya ang Jejemon ang bagong Jeproks? Ok sa alright, erap! Moni oyat! Jejejeje!

OA naman yang DECS. All out war against the Jejemons, they say? Why don’t they wage war against teachers who can’t speak English very well? I mean, how do they expect students to learn English if their teachers cant’ even speak it properly? And I'm not talking about accents here.
Grammar. Grammar. Grammar.

No disrespect to the teachers, but its just, even in private schools, there are teachers like that and I think that DECS should do something about it.



Election’s over. We have a new President. I still see some people griping over at FB because their candidate didn’t win. I find it funny that some people who gripe didn’t even vote for their candidate because they weren’t registered. Idiots . . .

Our country’s problem won’t be solved by the President alone. We all need to pitch in. Work hard. Be vigilant. Believe that there will be change. Change should come from us. People say that “kung di ka bumoto, wala kang karapatan mag reklamo”, well I say that pwede ako mag reklamo kasi nagbabayad ako ng buwis ko. Nope, I didn’t vote because I now live very, very, very, VERY far from where I was registered and I couldn’t find the time to update my status. But that doesn’t mean I can’t exercise my right as a citizenery, very, very, VERY far from where I was registered and I couldn’t find the time to update my status. But that doesn’t mean I can’t exercise my right as a citizen, di ba?

I think that every productive person in the country should exercises their right to be heard. Ang problema lang, kung sino pa ang di nagbabayad ng buwis, sya pa ang markelamo

Today is Wednesday and I’m writing this at six o’clock in the morning while drinking coffee. In a short while I’ll be getting ready for work. Time flies in my new job. Can’t believe I’ve been here for 5 months already. I was supposed to do my “self evaluation” for my regularization this morning but I decided to blog instead.

I missed this.

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pinaysasverige said...

re: jejemons... kanya kanyang trip lang yan. hindi naman gagawin ng bata sa english subject yan. eh di bumagsak sila. anubeh. :)
Ganito na lang, kapag hindi maintindihan sabi ng jejemons... eto ang translator. mala google translate :