Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Bakit List

3 year olds are notorius for always asking "why". We've been experiencing this with Sophif for the past few months now. Sometimes it can be cute and sometimes it can be annoying. She's been having her "bakit moments" too often now that I hear Jan always teling her: "Sophie, control your why's and bakits!" and to which Sophie would reply: "Why, Mommy?".

One memorable "bakit moment" happend last week as Sophie and I were coming home from the playgound:

Me: "Sophie, 'lam mo ba love kita?"

Sophie: "Opo. Bakit?"

Me: "Anong bakit?"

Sophie: "Bakit love mo ko?"

Me: "E kasi anak kita kaya love kita."

Sophie: "Bakit?"

Me: "E kasi nga baby kita kaya love kita."

Sophie: "Bakit mo ko baby?"

Me: "E kasi nga . . . basta!"

There was also a time that I turned the tables on her.

Me: "Sophie, love mo ba ko?"

Sophie: "Opo"

Me: "Bakit mo ka love?"

Sophie: "E kasi nga love kita"

Me: "Bakit nga?"

Sophie: "E kasi gusto ko, Daddy"

Me: "Bakit?"

Sophie: "Ayaw ko na usap!"

This morning, Sophie and Sam woke up the same time as we did. When we got home last night, both kids were asleep so I asked Sophie to give me a kiss. She said:

Sophie: "Bakit kiss Daddy? Kasi early ako sleep kagabi?"

Me: "Opo! Tulog ka na kasi kagabi e. Why did you sleep early?

Sophie: "Hay naku Daddy, sabi ni Sam, 'wag masyadong maraming tanong!"

Hahaha. Jan was half-wake when Sophie said that and she was laughing at us. I turned to Sam and said:

Me: "Sam, did you say that?"

Sam: "Apapapapaa . . . . aahhhh . . . . dadada . . ."

Me: "Di daw nya sinabi yun, Sophie!"

Two years from now, Sam will have his "bakit moments" and its a good thing that we're being "trained" by Sophie to handle particular situations like this!