Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What I've learned . . .

Here are ten things that I've learned or re-learned in the past few weeks:

I learned that (top ten a' la David Letterman):

10) I should never underestimate 2 year old kids. They're smarter than I think!

9) I should never get in between my wife and her FARMTOWN while she's harvesting her sunflowers and tomatoes.

8) It's hard to quit smoking, especially when I don't want to!

7) The after-six diet doesn't mean that you can eat "after-six". . . (so that's why it wasn't working).

6) When riding the MRT . . . I should always remember what our basketball coach used to shout at me: "box-out! box-out! P%*#$% I@# mo!"

5) It's okay to ask for help once in a while . . . its part of being human.

4) No matter how hard I try to understand them . . . idiots will always be idiots. And, NO, Advil will not take away the headache that I'll get from talking to them, though I suppose it might prevent my nose from bleeding.

3) Yes. Some people really do take advantage and underestimates of you.

2) Too much stress can lead to . . . constipation!

1) I should never drink Starbucks venti brewed coffee, or any kind of coffee for that matter, past 4pm . . . so I won't stay awake, surfing the net and thinking of what to blog about . . . at 1:00am...


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pakarazzi Express #5

Okay, so I haven't been blogging in a while. Truth of the matter is, I've been busy for the past few weeks. I've been visiting most of my blog friends though. Thanks for all the tags that I got. I'll try to squeeze them in in the next few days.

Anyways, a lot of things happened in the past few weeks: President Aquino passed away, The Marcoses and the Aquinos were recorded on video together for the 1st time in decades (hmm . . . I have to check if hell froze over), this issue about Willie Revillame (again), the Philippine Basketball Team's inconsistent performance (they are consistent at being inconsistent), Sophie's first wedding march as the little bride, Sam's Baptism and, uh . . . many more! Haha!


A blanket of sadness covered our nation last August 1 when the beloved former President Cory Aquino passed away. In fairness to her, despite her shortcomings as President and the numerous coup' attempts that plagued her administration, she was the only President not accused of graft and corruption. She was never power hungry and she was a true ambassador of peace and reconciliation.

Farewell Tita Cory! Its just unfortunate that some politicians used her death for their own political agendas. I'm truly disgusted! Now I know who not to vote for . . .


On the same day Tita Cory passed away, my cousin Nainah got married to her boyfriend Jerry. The ceremony was held at San Augustin Church in Intramuros. Sophie was part of the entourage as the little bride. She did her part perfectly, walking down the aisle without any hitches . . . except she'd rather be a flower girl because she wanted to scatter flowers on the floor. She tried to scatter the flowers on her bouquet but, of course, she couldn't get the flowers off the bundle.

I was teary eyed when I saw her wearing her gown, which was an exact replica of my cousin's. Jan was laughing at me because of that . . . as usual.


I heard in the news or read somewhere that Imelda Marcos was quoted saying that when the Marcoses and the Aquinos reconcile, good things will happen to the Philippines (or something to that effect).

All I can say is . . . really???


I wouldn't even blog about Willy Revillame's current issues . . .


Three words for Team Pilipinas Basketball: PICK AND ROLL!!

I've never seen any member of the team give good screens. They're all selfishly trigger happy. I'm just wondering why the game analysts, despite the inconsistent game of the team, keeps on saying positive things about the team.

I'd rather hear them calling a spade, a spade!


Sam was christened a few weeks ago. It was a simple ceremony. Now we can bring Sam to the mall!! Hehe!

Seriously, welcome to the catholic world Sam!!

Kaltok Moment:

Jan and I saw a girl with long legs wearing short shorts at the mall.

Jan : "Bakit kaya hindi ako binigyan ng Diyos ng ganyang legs para makapag shorts din ako?"

Bam : "Alam mo, may rason ang Diyos sa lahat ng mga bagay. Tignan mo, kung hindi ako tumaba at lumaki ng
ganito, malamang problema mo ko dahil malamamang marami akong chicks!"

Jan : "Sus!"

Bam : " At kung binigyan ka ng Diyos ng ganyang legs, e malamang taon-taon kita nabubuntis!"

Jan : "Sira ulo!"

Haha joke lang!!


Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!