Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What I've learned . . .

Here are ten things that I've learned or re-learned in the past few weeks:

I learned that (top ten a' la David Letterman):

10) I should never underestimate 2 year old kids. They're smarter than I think!

9) I should never get in between my wife and her FARMTOWN while she's harvesting her sunflowers and tomatoes.

8) It's hard to quit smoking, especially when I don't want to!

7) The after-six diet doesn't mean that you can eat "after-six". . . (so that's why it wasn't working).

6) When riding the MRT . . . I should always remember what our basketball coach used to shout at me: "box-out! box-out! P%*#$% I@# mo!"

5) It's okay to ask for help once in a while . . . its part of being human.

4) No matter how hard I try to understand them . . . idiots will always be idiots. And, NO, Advil will not take away the headache that I'll get from talking to them, though I suppose it might prevent my nose from bleeding.

3) Yes. Some people really do take advantage and underestimates of you.

2) Too much stress can lead to . . . constipation!

1) I should never drink Starbucks venti brewed coffee, or any kind of coffee for that matter, past 4pm . . . so I won't stay awake, surfing the net and thinking of what to blog about . . . at 1:00am...