Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ate Sophie

Sophie has embraced the idea of having a younger brother. We call her "Ate" now. Just last night when Sam was crying, Sophie said "Tama na Sam . . . tama na . . . ok na, ok na . . ." which cracked me up!

When Sam was still in Jan's womb, we always tell Sophie that there's a baby inside her mommy's tummy. Sometimes she says that there's a baby on my tummy too (kung di ko lang anak yun baka nabatukan ko na hehehe). When Sam was finally born, sabi ko kay Sophie " Sophie, look o . . . si Sam yan." and she replied "Di daddy, baby yan, e . . ." and then I said "Eh nasaan si Sam?" and then she said, with conviction "Nasa-bahay".

We thought that it will be hard for Sophie to accpept that there's another baby in our house. But as soon as we got home, Sophie wanted to carry Sam and play with him. Now she kisses Sam when he's crying, plays with him (she hides whenever Sam looks at her, parang hide and seek sila) and she even wants to be the one who holds his bottle when he's feeding.

When I asked her "Sophie, love mo ba si Sam?" she answers "Opo!".

Jan and I are both relieved that it didn't take long for Sophie to adjust to her new baby brother. She even says "Si Sam Sam, baby ni daddy and Sophie yan!". Ateng-ate na yung baby girl ko!


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