Monday, May 18, 2009


It's been very busy for me at work lately. Ever since I got back from my paternity leave, my office life has been jam-packed that sometimes, I don't even know where to begin. I can honestly say that there are times when I just say "Arghh! I don't need this $^*%!" but then again, I love the pressure, and I enjoy what I'm doing. Yes, workaholics anonymous kicked me out again hehehe.

I also can't deny that I look forward to going home every night. There are times that I go home earlier than usual so I can see Sophie, Sam and Jan, who's still on her maternity leave. Sam's a morning sleeper so he keeps us awake every night. Kudos to Jan for being patient enough to feed him every time he needs to feed. I try my best to wake up (honestly!), but most of the time I go home tired from work that I find myself half awake and still dizzy while trying to mix his milk.

Sophie's a wonderful "ate" now. She loves seeing Sam smile and laugh and she does everything she could to solicit her brother's smile. I even think that Sam knows her already. Whenever Sam smiles, Sophie's high-pitched laugh will surely follow.

Pressure? Bring it on. I'm doing this for them.

I just took a short break. Now . . . I'm going back to work.



Summer said...

I like that,maybe it can be my motto from now on.(Pressure?Bring it on..)
Great post friend.Looking forward on your next post,have a nice day.=)

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JoShMaRie said...

pressure? Bring it on! Haylabit!

enJAYneer said...

have a great day friend..

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