Monday, September 29, 2008

common ground videos for parents and kids

I saw Hallmark's version of Jack and the Beanstalk - The Real Story on DVD this weekend and I enjoyed their version of the story. Its a different story from what we all heard when we were kids. I actually like Hallmark's productions and I have some of their DVDs: The Odyssey, Gulliver's Travels, Merlin and Earthsea.

I'm planning to collect more of these productions because I want my kids to enjoy these stories, as much as I enjoyed them when I was growing up. Most of them are on sale anyway hehe!

I've collected a lot of cartoons on VCD and DVD way way before Sophie was even born. I have The Lion King (all 3 of them) Toy Story 1&2, Mulan 1&2, Dinosaur, Hercules, Beauty and the Beast, Alladin (all 3), Emperor's New Groove, Alice in Wonderland, Bambi, Merry Poppins, A Bug's Life and a lot more of the classic Disney Cartoons. I watch them from time to time but most of the VCDs in my collection have not been opened yet. Come to think of it, I should have opened and tested them because now, I can't return them anymore if ever they're damaged.

Anyway, I'm glad that I collected them 'cause now, Sophie and her soon to be kapatid, can watch these cartoons and kiddie films that I also enjoyed. Its something that me and my kids can talk about while drinking . . . melamine free milk hehe.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

who moved my cheese?

I read this book I think about 9 years ago. Everyone in our marketing team was encouraged to read books by our boss and this was one of the books that I've read. Its about how one should cope through life. Trust me when I say that if you haven't read it, you should. That's why I'm having the e-book version linked here for download. Enjoy!

click to download


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


How come its ok when the word "vagina" and "penis" are said on a foreign (US) show on tv but our local shows can't have the words "puke" and "titi"? Just something I asked myself when watched a US talk show last night. If one of our local shows mention both words, MTRCB will be on their ass faster than Joey De Leon could say "itaktak mo!".

Of course, there's the acceptable word "ari", kaya lang, parang ang haba gamitin: "ari ng lalake, ari ng babae" and the shorter version is so much easier to say. We don't even use the word "ari" in our everyday vocabulary.

I mean, is this a double standard? Are we more open to English words and find the terms more acceptable? Hell, there's even a play called Vagina Monologues? Pano kaya tagalugin 'to?

Just thinking out loud.


Monday, September 22, 2008


Last Saturday, we went to Trinoma after going to the property that we purchased. I left Jan in Landmark because she wanted to shop for maternity clothes (she gave away her old ones because she didn't expect to be pregnant for quite some time). I went around and got really tired of walking. I didn't buy a anything except for Pugad Baboy 17 from Powerbooks for P120. Not for anything, I really wanted to buy something for myself, I was even looking for the Haviannas store, but I decided later on that I rarely wear flip-flops a.k.a tsinelas anyway because I don't want my feet to get wet if ever I get caught out in the rain. And besides, I still can't justify to myself buying a P700 pair of tsinelas, regardless of how comfy it may be.

Anyway, after shopping, Jan and I went to Krispy Kreme to grab a bite and rest our feet. I was so tired. We were there around 3pm and we went to the donut store at around 8pm. Pati likod ko masakit na! As we finished our late merienda, Jan went to the comfort room while I waited for her at the table. Then, out of nowhere, a girl, around 19-21, sat down beside me holding an envelope. I pretended not to notice and started to text so that she won't talk to me but when I suddenly looked at her direction, she was looking at me. My initial reaction (to myself) when she sat down was: "Pano naman nakapasok 'to?" and "Asan ba yung guard dito?". She then said " Sir, share your blessings" while placing the envelope on the table with a smile on her face.

Those words hit me. I'm still thinking about those words now. So, I put money on the envelope (not that big) and then I just said "Ok. . .". She then said "Sir, Ok lang ba?" and then I replied "Yah, ok lang". Then she left after saying "thank you po". I think she saw the reaction on my face when she sat down, that's why she asked if it was ok.

"Share your blessings". It took that incident to remind me that yes, I am blessed. I'm not filthy rich. God knows that Jan and I are earning just enough, what with all commitments that we have financially, not to mention raising a kid and anticipating another one next year. I mean here I am, most of the time praying for something better for me and my family, while I should be very very thankful that I am, we are, where we are now. No we can't afford to buy a car right now, nor can I afford to have vacation trips or even watch a movie every week unlike a few years ago, but I am still blessed:

Blessed with my family (Jan, Sophie, our new baby, my parents, brothers, my father and mother in law, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles, cousins, lolas, etc) including our yaya, who takes care of Sophia everyday.

Blessed with a happy marriage.

Blessed with friends who I can truly trust.

Blessed with a home, electricity, food, clothes, a job and even some money to take a cab to and from work everyday.

Blessed for even having some extra cash to even think about buying Haviannas, DVDs, some clothes, stuff for Sophie and Jan and other things.

To think that some people have to beg just to eat their first meal of the day.

I think there's nothing wrong in praying for better opportunities that will help your family. But it doesn't hurt to stop and look at what you have right now and be very thankful. Looking back, with all the things that has happened to me, I know that I was and still am very blessed.


Friday, September 19, 2008

wala lang uli . . .

Ang bilis naman ng mga araw. Friday nanaman! Parang mas mabilis ang araw pag BER months. Pero bakit pag suweldo ang hinihintay, parang ang tagal, hehehe.

May plano kami mag-date ni Jan bukas. Pupuntahan namin yung model unit ng property na binili namin, doon mismo sa site. At dahil malapit ito sa Trinoma, malamang, mag-HHWW kami doon. Syang nga lang at walang magandang palabas na pelikula this week. Napanood ko na yung Hellboy 2 and The Mummy 3. Mas gusto ko sana manood ng sine kesa sa mag-ikot dahil sa tingin ko, mas mahal mag-ikot sa isang mall na may kasamang buntis na maraming reason para bumili ng mga bagong damit na pang japorms hehe.

Malamang, maghahanap na rin kami ng bagong appartment na malapit sa area na binilhan namin ng property kasi mag-e-expire na yung contract namin sa condo this december and parang ayaw ko na mag renew. Mas-ok siguro na lumipat na doon sa area na yun para di na kami masyado mag-a-adjust pag lipat namin sa aming munting palasyo next year. Para masanay na kami sa lugar.


Just bought Season 2 and 3 ow How I Met Your Mother. Non-stop laugh trip kami ni Jan, as in! Again, if you haven't seen it,you should.


I've seen a few episodes of GMA 7's Survivor Philippines. Instead of having 1 episode per week, they stretched it to five. The good thing about it is that you get to know the contestants more (and of course, they get more sponsors) but I noticed that some of the commercial gaps are done during the challenges, thereby killing the momentum for the viewer. But if it works for them . . . .

I don't know if these contestants has seen the original series, but I think most of them haven't, otherwise, they wouldn't commit the mistakes (which most of them have been doing since ep 1) and get booted out early.

My advice to the contestants (or future contestants)?

1) Don't come in too strong. Badmouthing people on the first day will definitely have you booted out.
2) Don't be too naive. A self confessed Survivor fan got booted out because of his naivety.
3) Always look out for number 1. Yao Man was a good guy, always thinking of his team mates, and lost.
4) Fly under the radar. Remember Ethan Zohn? One of the best payers of the game. Won a million dollars!
5) Make yourself useful, but not too useful that you'll seem like you're threat.
6) TRUST NO ONE! 'Wag kayo aanga-anga! hehe


Oo nga pala, nag yoysi ako uli, pero nabawasan na. Minsan 3 times a day na lang. Di ko na sya hinahanap masyado. I think lalakas lang uli pag yosi ko pag yung tipong may gimmick but other than that, status quo na siguro ang 3-5 sticks a day. A big improvement compared to almost 1 pack per day, don't you think?

Happy weekend boys and girls!


Monday, September 15, 2008

rumblings . . .

Why do Mondays always feel boring? Is it because of a weekend hang-over? Most people I know never look forward to Mondays and I swear I don't too.

I think that sometimes, people including me don't realize how good we have it compared to other people. I mean here I am bored out of my wits while there are a lot of people out there who can't be bored at work on Mondays because they don't have a job. And whenever I think about this, it always propels me to find something to do and work.


It's payday today and I should be excited, but every 15th of the month, I'm scheduled to pay my bills: credit card and celphone bills, as well as our house bills: rent, electricity, cable, water and the house that we just bought . . . oh my . . .

Diet muna, hehe.


Last Saturday, I just stayed home and did a little sound tripping again. This time, I listened to all my Bonjovi faves. I don't care what other people think. I was listening to Bonjovi since high school an I can never forget how I loved the songs Never Say Goodbye, She Don't Know Me, Blood on Blood, Wanted Dead or Alive, Born to Be My Baby and I'd Die For You.

I wanted to upload the mp3 but I think there's something wrong with the network.


I also finished season 4 of Battlestar Galactica. I just have to say: Grace Park, the actress who played Boomer / Athena is soooo hot! Yun lang!


Got to go. Bibili pa ako ng gatas and diaper hehe. Have a productive week everyone!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

old, old music

I've been reading about blogs and other articles about the Eraserheads lately. Funny thing is most of the writers are college students and fresh grads who weren't even born or couldn't walk yet when the band started playing together. I found it weird because to me, it really doesn't feel that long ago!

Then it hit me: maybe what these kids are feeling is the same with what I felt when I became a fan of Juan De La Cruz back in the 90's when the band no longer existed.

Ganun na nga siguro.

Anyway, since everyone's remeniscing about the good ol' 90's, I decided to share some of the songs that I frequently listened to while getting wasted with Red Horse beer while having tuna and Skyflakes as pulutan.

Click title to download.



Tuesday, September 9, 2008

tuesday happenings

Jan and I went to the hospital today because she's been experiencing pain on her left side. We were worried that it may be pregnancy related and our OB suggested that we have it checked. We met my cousin Mel who's a surgeon at Manila Doctors (our hospital of choice) and he helped us around the hospital. We went to the Medicard section and we were informed that the doctor will be in at around 3 or 4 so we had to wait. While waiting, we decided to have an ultrasound since we were in the hospital anyway and our OB required us to have one.

Ang haba ng pila! We had to wait for more than an hour and nakatulog na nga ako while waiting. Buti nalang di naisipan ni Jan na kunan ako ng pic habang tulog hehe!

When it was our time already, I felt so excited! I was very excited to see our new baby for the first time! Jan was only 8 weeks preggy so I know that maliit pa yung baby pero still . . .

And there he/she was, our new baby. He/she was so small, shaped like a peanut. They said that our new baby looked normal and the heart rate was normal as well. I felt so good when I heard that. I even recorded our baby's heartbeat. Ang saya!

After the ultrasound, we went to the medicard doctor and, to make the long story short, the pain that Jan was feeling wasn't pregancy related. It was just an ordinary muscle spasm that can be relieved by taking paracetamol. More good news for the day!

We went home after we got the official results of the ultrasound which was around 5:30pm already. We arrived at the hospital around 11am. We were there for more than 6 hours! Ok lang, at least I know that my both my babies are ok.

Thank God!

Of course, inaliw namin sarili namin when we were at the hospital. Ito yung mga nakakaliw na nangyari, a.k.a. KALTOK MOMENTS:

Bam! : "6 days na ko di nagyoyosi."
Doc Mel: "Ahh . . ."
Bam! : "Pero kung sinasabi mo na ok lang mag yosi kahit may konti pa ko'ng ubo, at dahil doctor ka maniniwala ako, mag-yoyosi ako."
Doc Mel : "Isipin mo nalang na sa bawat usok na hinithit mo, namamatay yung mga germs sa baga mo hehehe"
Bam! : "Galing mo!"

Pag-pasok sa ultrasound room . . .

Lab Tech: "Paki tanggal po ng pantalon"
Bam! : "Pati ako?"

During the ultrasound, nangamoy utot. Di namin alam kung san nang-galing (sa kabilang room pala, we later found out).

Jan : "Umutot ka no?"
Bam! :" Di no! Sa labas amoy utot din e."
Pumasok yung lab tech at naupo sa upuan sa may paanan ni Jan at in-operate yung ultrasound machine.
Bam!(nakatingin kay Jan): "Siguro ikaw umutot no?"
Lab Tech (biglang sumagot): "Hindi no! . . . . Ay . . . sino po ba kausap mo?"
Bam! "Asawa ko hehe."
Lab Tech: "Ay, mukha akong defensive hehe"

Lumabas uli yung Lab Tech. Nakita ko yung isang kahon ng mga condom na ginagamit sa pag ultrasound.

Bam!: "Ang daming condom dito!"
Jan : "O, ano ginagawa mo?"
Bam! "Kukuha ako . . ."
Jan : "Ano ka ba?"
Bam! : "Ang mahal ng ultrasound dito, sa condom ako babawi! Hehe!"

FYI, I returned the condoms. Binigay ko sa pinsan 'kong doctor, sinilid ko sa bulsa nya, tapos binalik nya sakin, tapos sinilid ko uli sa bulsa nya. Di na nya nabalik sakin kasi nung nagkukulitan kami, biglang dumaan ang boss nya at bigla sya'ng nag-behave hehe.

Bam! : "Kilala mo lahat ng nurses dito?"
Doc Mel : "Medyo."
Bam! : "So, nirerespeto ka nila dahil doctor ka dito. Halika, dumaan tayo sa lugar na maraming nurses."
Doc Mel: "Bakit?"
Bam! : "Papatirin kita para mawala respeto nila sa'yo."
Doc Mel : "Gago!"

Habang nagreregister sa ultrasound . . .

Jan : "Magkano ultrasound nyo?"
Lab Tech: "P1,200 po."
Bam! : "Puwede ba salary deduction yan kay Doc Mel?"
Doc Mel: "Gago!"
Bam! : "Haha!"


Monday, September 8, 2008

smoke free!!

Been smoke free for 5 days already, starting last Thursday. This is because of the serious coughing and sore throat that I've been experiencing since last week Don't get me wrong, I miss it, I just thank God that I still have the discipline not to start smoking, at least until I feel a lot better.

Anyway, I'm thinking about quitting or just cut down on the stuff. I still don't know if I can quit totally, maybe I should do it gradually. I actually cut down on smoking a few years ago, didn't quit though.

Well . . . I'm hoping for the best.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

pakarazzi express no.2

I'm hungry!


Watching "Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader" on Q-tv


Watched the show "Rakista" on TV 5. I think it sucks!


Thinking about jamming with my band friends again. Nangangati na ko'ng tumugtog . . .


Looking forward to watching Ironman on DVD in a few minutes


Wished I bought season 2 and 3 of How I Met Your Mother with season 1


Still coughing and throat stil hurts


Slept most of the day and now I have a headache from over sleeping . . . crap!


Enjoyed playing with Sophie for a while


Watched the Avril Lavigne concert last night . . . wala lang


Tomorrow's Friday! Hurrah!!!


family jewels

Some pics of my family's jewels:

Just looking at them makes everything worthwhile.

Another jewel is on the way!



Maybe I should just stop smoking. Been coughing awfully hard today so I decided just to take a rest and called in sick. I'm actually scared whenever I experience this kind of cough because years ago, I was diagnosed with Bronchitis (which the doctor pronounced as "Bronkeetis" hehe). Been thinking about stopping for a few weeks now.

I started smoking in highschool and haven't stopped eversince, except when I'm sick. I've heard about horror stories about people who get cancer or some other disease because of these little sticks of pleasure.

I'm quite aware of the consequences.

Ohh craaaap!

Maybe I should just quit it! I'll sleep on it.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Brilliante Weblog

Thanks Vayie and Garet for the nomination!

Brilliant Weblog
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I nominate the following…


I'll start playing my Christmas cds this month. I noticed that, no matter what problems we regular people have, Christmas music always makes us smile. For me, Christmas is the most anticipated celebration of the year. I have fond memories of getting a lot of toys from my uncles and aunts. Me and my cousins (or my cousins and I) usually get two sets of gifts, one for our birthday and one for Christmas. But, of course, as we got older, we got less and less gifts and now, we're the ones giving them to our nephews and nieces.

Gift shopping has always been exciting. I remember when we used to go to Divisoria to get hunt for bargains. I actually bought a Hello Kitty phone for my cousin (who was a huge fan of the kitty cat) for less than P200! Every year, Jan and I set a budget for our gifts and we try so hard to stick to it. Most of the time, we don't, but just the same, we enjoy hunting for stuff.

Just the idea of having a family get together is fun in itself. When I was younger, we had two parties one Christmas day. Lunch on my father's side and Dinner on my mother's side. We missed a few Christmases on my father's side, but I hope we have one this year.

My brother Ian and two of my cousins' birthday falls on Christmas day. My birthday fall on the first day of Simbang Gabi, which I think I only completed once. I think I'll try to complete the mass this year. Last year was my first Christmas as a parent, and we tried to make Sophie's first Christmas as exciting by buying our first real Christmas tree with all the lights and trimmings. Sophie enjoyed seeing the lights going on and off and I enjoyed watching her enjoying! I also remember my youngest brother Patrick staring at our Christmas tree on his first Christmas.

This year, I'm planning to buy Sophie her first bike but my Mom says my Dad will buy Sophie a bike too so I might buy her something else instead. I think I'll buy her some Marvel toys! Hehehe (sakin pala yun!)

Christmas is not just for kids. My friends and I usually get together every Christmas which I always look forward to. A few beers and a couple of barbecues and the usual lechon manok lang masaya na kami!

I always look forward to the 'BER months because it always brings a nice and refreshing feeling. Minsan nga iniisip ko na sana araw-araw pasko, just because of the good feeling that it brings. The only crappy thing about it is that I'm sure I'll be hearing the BOOM TARAT-TARAT song wherever I go hehe!


Monday, September 1, 2008

de ja vu

A few years ago, we found ourselves having monthly check-ups for Jan's pregnancy. Hours ago, we had our first check-up again, which made me feel like having de ja vu. Having the same doctor was very comforting. I actually wanted to have the same OB because I trust our doctor already and she sort of became our family OB because my aunt and lola are also seeing her.

Anyway, it was excitement all over again, like our first check-up 2 years ago. Jan was prescribed her first set of vitamins, and I got the usual remark that I get, but this time from our doctor: " Ang tulis mo!".

We went to the hospital because Jan felt some stomach pains. She also felt the same pains during her first pregnancy, but I didn't want to take the risk so we went to see our doctor. I'm glad we did 'cause now at least our minds are at ease about the stomach pain thing. We'll be back next month.


After going to the doctor, we went to Makati Cinema Square because I was itching to buy some pirated dvds. I bought season 1 of "How I Met Your Mother" a story about how . . .well . . . the lead character met his wife (duh!).

I saw the first 3 episodes already and it was hilarious! I can say that I can relate because, I think I went through some of the stuff he did like: love at first sight, doing stupid things just to have time to talk to a girl and being let down . . . gently. Even his group of friends brought in some memories.

Jan was laughing at me when she saw that I was affected and could actually relate to the show. I only bought the first season. I'll surely buy season 2 and 3.


I was thinking the other day that, everytime that something MAJOR happens in our life and when I say MAJOR, I mean events that will have a huge financial impact, something that we do not expect happens:

- When we decided to get married, and had to raise more than P200k for the expenses in 10 months, I was accepted to a new job with better pay.

- When we had Sophie, Jan got a promotion

- When we acquired property, we mapped out our finances and managed to pay (at least for the first year) for it

- When our first yaya left us, we found a new one, who was also my yaya when I was baby (not much financial impact but its so hard not having a yaya)

I told Jan about this and she said "oo nga 'no . . . ". We're a bit worried because our finances are tied up because of the property so having a new baby will sting our pockets. But looking back at the major events that I have mentioned, I KNOW that everything will be ok.

Preparing and planning for things good. Having faith is not a bad thing either. God helps those who help themselves. I believe that if you've done everything humanly possible to achieve your goals, then its all up to God if he'll give it to you or not. I don't want to sound too preachy, but that's the way I see things.

During the homily of the mass yesterday, the priest said that most people pray to God whenever they're in need and then forget about Him after they get what they want. I must confess that I, like a lot of people am like that. I try not to be but I am.

I should work harder on it.